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Janis Vallely Literary Agency

About the AGent

Janis Vallely is an independent literary agent with offices in Chatham, New York. Her client list includes a select group of authors and writers whose pioneering work heals the body, informs the mind, and provokes dialogue. She is best known for her ability to package complex theories and abstract ideas into bestselling books that inspire a mainstream audience.  Her focus and passion is for concepts that draw from edge science and break new ground in a crowded marketplace. 

Janis’ authors include many internationally recognized experts in the fields of neuroscience, new medicine, healthy lifestyle, self-improvement and psychology. She has helped launch New York Times Bestsellers including the EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE series of 17 books by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo (over 10  million copies sold worldwide and translated into over 50 foreign editions) THE NO GRAIN DIET by Dr. Joseph Mercola, and CURVES by Gary Heavin and Carol Colman.

Working with a stable of proven career writers, most notably Rachel Kranz,who has collaborated with  bestselling authors including Dr. Ben Lynch, Raphael Kellman, M.D., Amy Myers, M.D, Frank Lipman, M.D., JJ Virgin and others. Janis is able to develop book projects from inception to focused concept; and from comprehensive written proposal to accepted manuscript. She is equally effective representing authors and ghostwriters, working alone or in concert with co-agents. 

Additionally, Janis is proud to represent inspirational narrative and literary memoir including the National Book Award Finalist PLACES LEFT UNFINISHED AT THE TIME OF CREATION by John Phillip Santos and his long awaited next book, THE FARTHEST HOME IS IN AN EMPIRE OF FIRE (Viking).  She is highly responsive to new literary voices that offer a unique perspective or exploration of personal issues.

Before becoming an agent, Janis held management positions at Simon & Schuster where she was responsible for selling the reprint and serial rights to bestselling fiction and nonfiction; G.P. Putnam where she was Vice President and Subsidiary Rights Director in charge of both foreign and domestic markets; and most recently Doubleday Publishers where she was Vice President and Associate Publisher. Her background in trade publishing for over 25 years, both as a skilled marketer and editorial advisor, gives her the industry contacts, creative vision and sales expertise to launch a distinctive agency list.

Because Janis maintains a full range of publishing services for existing clients, she is unable to review unsolicited manuscripts and book proposals. Potential clients may contact her by email query only. Please note that due to the large number of requests she is regretfully unable to respond individually to each and every letter.  For further information regarding foreign rights, please contact Janis’ worldwide representatives.