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Arguably the leading expert in gene research, Dr. Ben Lynch translates the complex new science of epigenetics into concepts that have helped thousands of clients and practitioners in their quest for solutions to the root cause of health problems such as heart disease, inflammation, cancer, autoimmune disease etc.  Dr. Lynch’s blogs, live events, videos, websites and interviews focus on how to treat gene variations or “dirty” genes through simple nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes. The genes you are born with are not your destiny. In DIRTY GENES, Dr. Lynch identifies the 7 genes that may be making you sick and offers a science-based plan to mitigate their effects on your body so you can reach your genetic potential. (HarperOne, 2018) drbenlynch.com


Bestselling author and naturopath Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney introduces a revolutionary system of diet and health based on blood type science in EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE, COOK RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE and LIVE RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE which have spawned 14 other books in the series with over 7 million copies sold worldwide and more than 50 foreign language editions (Putnam, 1997). He is the author of THE GENOTYPE DIET (retitled CHANGE YOUR GENETIC DESTINY in paperback),  (Broadway Books, 2008) and THE EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE PERSONALIZED COOKBOOK Series (Berkeley, 2013). EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE, the landmark book that launched the series was first published over 20 years ago and remains in hardcover today in the updated and revised edition (NAL, 2016) www.dadamo.com


Specializing in the “medicine of renewal” Dr. Raphael Kellman offers a unique blend of integrative care to people with hard to treat illnesses, especially in the realm of intestinal health, thyroid disorders, allergies and auto-immune illness. He is a leader in the new science of the microbiome and the first physician to offer a diet plan for healing intestinal bacteria to lose weight safely and effectively. He is the author of GUT REACTIONS: A Radical New 4-Step Program for Treating Chronic Stomach Distress and Unlocking the Secret to Total Body Wellness (Broadway Books, 2002); MATRIX HEALING: Discover Your Greatest Health Potential through the Power of Kabbalah (Harmony, 2006); THE MICROBIOME DIET, a guide to achieving fast, permanent weight loss by healing the gut and balancing intestinal bacteria (DaCapo, 2014); and THE WHOLE BRAIN exploring the microbiome solution to healing depression, anxiety and mental fog without prescription drugs (DaCapo, 2017). kellmancenter.com


Henry Emmons, M.D. practices general and holistic psychiatry and consults to several colleges and organizations nationally. He currently serves as Consulting Psychiatrist at the Allina Medical Clinic in Northfield, Minnesota. He is the author with Rachel Kranz of THE CHEMISTRY OF JOY: A Three Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom (Fireside, 2005) and THE CHEMISTRY OF JOY WORKBOOK (New Harbinger, 2012); THE CHEMISTRY OF CALM, a holistic plan for coping with anxiety offering techniques for self-soothing during stressful times (Touchstone, 2010); and with co-author David Alter Ph.D of STAYING SHARP: 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain Through Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom (Touchstone 2015). partnersinresilience.com


Tech visionary Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen (one of Time Magazine’s most influential 100 and one of CNN’s top 10 thinkers in science and technology) is developing a device the size of a smart phone that can literally turn your body transparent and see into your brain.  WRITING ON THE MOON is her personal and professional odyssey of doing the impossible -- from farm girl to brain tumor survivor, to Silicon Valley exec, to inventor of pioneering technology that could change the face of modern medicine.  WRITING ON THE MOON chronicles her search for a new technology of the brain and offers an inside look at the "hairy edges" of science where anything is possible, even telepathic communication, but at what social and political cost?


Dubbed “America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist” by her 25 million readers, syndicated columnist Suzy Cohen is the author of THE 24 HOUR PHARMACIST, a lively compendium of natural cures, little-known facts, and provocative misconceptions about our most popular pharmaceutical remedies (Collins, 2007; Direct Mail – Rodale, 2008) and DIABETES WITHOUT DRUGS (Rodale, 2010). Additionally, she is the author of  DRUG MUGGERS, a guide to prescription drugs that are making you sick and what to do about it (Rodale, 2010). www.dearpharmacist.com


Highly sought-after management consultant and creator of the popular website PlanetJoyride.com, Michelle DeAngelis offers wisdom served up as street-smart joy in GET A LIFE THAT DOESN'T SUCK: 10 Surefire Ways to Live Life and Love the Ride. The author’s sassy, often irreverent narrative reminds readers how ill-equipped they are to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life, and offers effective tools and techniques designed to take readers from “crappy to happy” by learning how to calculate their JQ (Joy Quotient), close the gap between their thoughts and actions, and discover the 12 "Ahas" necessary to keep joyriding throughout the rest of their lives (Rodale, 2008); www.michelleinc.com


Dr. Mimi Guarneri is the author of THE HEART SPEAKS (Touchstone, 2006). Founder and Medical Director of Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, she has been an attending physician in cardiovascular disease at Scripps Clinic since 1995. Dr. Guarneri is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in such journals as the Annals of Internal Medicine and the Journal of Echocardiology. She has been nominated for the Bravewell Award in IM Leadership and honored by the American Heart Association. She is board certified in cardiology and internal medicine.


Author of the critically acclaimed memoir PLACES LEFT UNFINISHED AT THE TIME OF CREATION (Viking Penguin, 1999) which earned him a National Book Award nomination, John Phillip Santos is also the author of FARTHEST HOME IS IN AN EMPIRE OF FIRE, a Tejano elegy which depicts the epic origins of his mother’s family in the Northern hinterlands of New Spain that became Texas—and earlier the Iberian Peninsula. (Viking, 2010)


As recently profiled on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The Washington Post, Lynn and Randy Gaston were delighted when they found out they were going to be parents after seven long years of trying. They were three times as happy when they learned the astonishing news: Lynn was going to give birth to male triplets! Nicholas, Hunter and Zachary (identical twins and one fraternal brother) were born healthy, but later diagnosed with various degrees of autism spectrum. THREE TIMES THE LOVE is the story of one family's search for words and answers in the face of an incurable diagnosis, as well as a roadmap for other parents of children with autism (Avery Books, 2009/2010); www.lynngaston.com


One of the nation’s foremost experts on teenagers, Dr. Steven Hinshaw, with Rachel Kranz, reveals the silent crisis that faces girls today in THE TRIPLE BIND. Dr. Hinshaw says girls today are facing three impossible challenges: they’re supposed to be perfect traditional “girls” – nice, kind and pretty; they’re supposed to succeed at traditional “boy” skills – getting top grades, being star athletes, and getting into the most prestigious colleges; and finally, they have no place to hide--they live in a culture that has lost all of its alternative role models – even punk rockers and computer geeks are expected to be models of female perfection. Dr. Hinshaw introduces a fascinating group of girls who face the Triple Bind every day, and offers surprising, inspiring and practical solutions. (Ballantine Books, January 2009/2010); www.triplebind.com


The country's leading expert in environmental medicine, Dr. Walter Crinnion specializes in the treatment of chronic health problems such as obesity, fatigue, diabetes and auto-immune illnesses that arise from daily exposure to common toxins. His CLEAN GREEN AND LEAN DIET shows you how to get rid of the fat by getting rid of the toxins in your body, your food and your life. Dr. Crinnion draws from the new scientific evidence that links obesity with environmental chemicals, and offers a specific plan for losing weight which includes dietary strategies, meal plans, air pollution remedies, supplementation, and cleansing formulas (John Wiley, 20100); www.crinnionmedical.com


Bestselling co-author of HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE YOU CAN’T STAND (McGraw-Hill, 1994, revised edition, 2002; over 500,000 copies sold!), communications expert, business trainer and international speaker, Dr. Rick Kirschner tackles our greatest work challenges in HOW TO CLICK WITH PEOPLE: The Secret to Building Better Relationships in Business and in Life. In a lighthearted but practical style, the author teaches readers the specific skills that will enable them to make a powerful connection regardless of who they are dealing with (Hyperion, 2011); www.theartofchange.com and www.howtoclickwithpeople.com


Fiction author, essayist and ghostwriter, Lynn Lauber is the author of two critically acclaimed autobiographical novels (WHITE GIRLS --Norton, 1990 and 21 SUGAR STREET --Norton, 1993) as well as LISTEN TO ME: Writing Life into Meaning, a narrative exploration of how writing can be a personal act of transformation, published by Norton in 2004. She has collaborated with numerous expert authors in the arena of health, personal improvement and the environment and is co-author of 4 digital novels in the Tales of Every Day Magic Series (Hay House Visions, 20120); www.lynnlauber.com


Co-Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, Dr. Silverman is a brain researcher and behavioral psychologist with a private practice that includes professional athletes and performers. He is the author of UNLEASH YOUR DREAMS, an examination of how our deepest fears can cloud our judgment and prevent us from getting what we want. Citing new research he shows that success itself is often the thing we fear most, and introduces a practical, three-step program to help us confront our fears head-on by asking the tough questions about who we really are, what we really want, and what really makes us afraid. (John Wiley, 2008)


One of the country’s foremost pediatric naturopaths, Dr. Jared Skowron is the author of 100 NATURAL REMEDIES FOR YOUR CHILD, a landmark guide for today’s “green” conscious parents, offering cutting edge advice supported by proven scientific research on how to treat the most common childhood ailments and avoiding harsh medications. There is a time and place for antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, but according to Dr. Skowron, safe natural solutions such as vitamins, supplements and simple changes in diet  are too often overlooked by conventional medicine. From ADHD and Acne to Weight Loss and Warts, this is the go-to guide for helping your child find safe and effective natural remedies. (Rodale, 2011).


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