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Janis Vallely Literary Agency

Writers & Collaborators

Janis represents  a wide range of veteran writers who specialize in freelance editing, ghostwriting and collaborating with expert authors to develop book concepts in the area of self improvement, narative nonfiction, inspiration, psychology, the environment, diet and health.  Writers are available to collaborate with authors represented by other agencies as well as our own.


Editor and writer best known for her work in health and alternative medicine, Colleen Kapklein collaborates with expert authors such as osteopathic physician George Kessler (THE BONE DENSITY DIET/ Ballantine, 2000 and NO MORE KNEE PAIN/ Berkley, 2004); orthomolecular psychiatrist Michael Lesser, M.D, (THE BRAIN CHEMISTRY DIET/ Putnam, 2002); Stephen Lanzalotta (THE DIET CODE/Warner Books, 2005, represented by Marly Rusoff) and Rick Kirschner (HOW TO CLICK WITH PEOPLE/Hyperion, 2011). As an editor at Warner Books for eight years, Colleen Kapklein acquired and edited dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, but specialized in health and alternative health titles, including What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by John Lee, M.D., which sold half a million copies in its first two years.

Novelist, non-fiction collaborator, and ghostwriter, Rachel Kranz's book credits cover a wide range of topics from diet to psychology to cultural awareness, including: THE APPETITE SOLUTION by Joseph Colella, M.D. (HarperCollins, 2015); THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION by Amy Myers, M.D (HarperOne, 2015); THE MICROBIOME DIET by Raphael Kellman, .M.D. (DaCapo, 2014); ADVENTURES IN WORLD PEACE by John Hunter (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2013, represented by Cynthia Cannell),THE CHEMISTRY OF JOY by Henry Emmons, M.D. (Fireside, 2006), THE GASLIGHT EFFECT by Robin Stern, Ph.D. (Morgan Road, 2007, co-agented by Richard Pine): IT TAKES MORE THAN A VILLAGE by Malaak Compton-Rock (Broadway, 2010, represented by Esther Newberg), HEALING SEXUAL PAIN by Deborah Coady, M.D. and Nancy Fish, LCSW (Seal Press 2011, represented by Tracy Brown) and ARE YOU TIRED AND WIREDby Marcelle Pick (Hay House, 2011, represented by Stephanie Tade). She is co-author with Steven Hinshaw, PhD of THE TRIPLE BIND: Saving Our Teenage Girls From Today’s Pressures (Ballantine, 2008), and with Robyn O’Brien of THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick And What We Can Do About It (Broadway Books, 2009, represented by Carrie Cook Platt).

Fiction and non-fiction author, essayist and ghostwriter, Lynn Lauber’s essays and short stories have appeared in the New York Times and in anthologies. She collaborates with authors, especially in the realm of health, healing and inspirational narrative, including Peter Rabins, M.D. (GETTING OLD WITHOUT GETTING ANXIOUS/Avery Books, 2005), renowned cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, M.D. (THE HEART SPEAKS/Fireside, 2006), Roxanne Black, Founder and Executive Director of the Friends’ Health Connection (UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS/Avery, 2008, represented by Stephanie Tade), autism advocates Lynn and Randy Gaston (THREE TIMES THE LOVE, Avery 2010), Chris Downie, Founder and CEO of SparkPeople.com (THE SPARK, Hay House 2010, represented by Stephanie Tade) and Dr. Jared Skowron (100 NATURAL REMEDIES FOR YOUR CHILD, Rodale 2011). She is co-author of 4 digital novels in the TALES OF EVERYDAY MAGIC series (Hay House, 2012)

Toni Robino is the founder of “With Flying Colours” literary services which helps authors turn great ideas into best-selling books. She is a writer, editorial coach, and collaborator on more than a dozen non-fiction books by expert authors, most notably in the area of psychology, science, self-help, and inspiration, including WINNING AFTER LOSING by Stacey Halprin (Warner 2007); THE MALE BRAIN by Louann Brizendine, M.D. (Doubleday, 2009, represented by Lisa Queen), CLEAN, GREEN AND LEAN by Dr. Walter Crinnion (Wiley, 2010) and 100 HEARTBEATS by Jeff Corwin (Rodale, 2009, represented by Stephanie Tade). She contributed the chapters “Secrets of Ghostwriting and Collaboration Success” to The Writer’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers & Literary Agents, by Jeff Herman, and “This Pen for Hire” to Making the Perfect Pitch, How To Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye, by Katharine Sands. She is frequently quoted in industry publications and presents classes and workshops on proposal and book writing.